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BrandingBlog Radio: Dave Young on Why We Blog

It’s all me on this one. Join me on episode 13 as I reminisce about writing my first book back in 2003.

Highlights include me setting Roy H. Williams straight about the definition of a blog. Of course, he isn’t there to argue the point. I talk about how the almost 8-year-old book isn’t out of date.

Most importantly, I lay out the argument that you SHOULD be blogging and at the end I offer a tease about a new shortcut to blogging that Paul Boomer and I are offering to our friends.

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Download the PDF of the book.

I mentioned a couple of project collaborators…Walt Kane and Liz Roscovius.

Monday Morning Memo – The blog of Roy H. Williams

Why We Blog on Amazon Haha!  They still have a copy.


Let's meet in Barrie, Ontario next week!

Front-page-image The next version of our Wizards On The Road event is next week in Barrie, Ontario, just a short hour's drive from the Toronto Airport.

Steve Rae is organizing the event and we've got 2 full days of Wizard of Ads teaching for you at the insanely low price of $145.

If you read Roy William's Monday Morning Memo this week, he mentions the Pendulum of Society. I'll be delivering the original presentation that we've been showing around the world for almost 7 years. If you haven't seen this unique view of society's generations, it's worth the trip. If you're scratching your head wondering about all the changes going on around you, this will make things clearer.

Check out all the details at or just go over to our signup page and we'll see you in Barrie!

Advertising vs. Being Remarkable

Blendtec"Advertising is a tax you pay for being unremarkable."
-Geek Squad founder Robert Stephens

There are STILL plenty of very smart people in the world who have not begun to realize the power of the web. For some, it’s a fear of technology. Others have been too busy engaged in successful business. Still others just have their heads in the sand.

I was having a conversation with a group of very successful brick and mortar jewelers a couple of weeks ago. We were talking about my blogging class and they asked if I knew of any jewelers who have had any measure of success with blogging. I pointed them to and their use of a blog strategy to tie their name to celebrities and provide lots of in-bound links to products.

Then, they asked me if I could name a business that has achieved any kind of success with YouTube?

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