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BrandingBlog Radio: Anna Cummins and The Evil Wiener

I had a blast recording this week’s episode. The Evil Wiener is a mobile food truck business in Austin, started by Anna and Jeff Cummins and their partner Roger Zapata. Jeff and Roger have impressive professional foodie credentials. The idea for The Evil Wiener was hatched (as you probably guessed) over a few beers one evening. Anna had no choice but to sign on as den-mother and Chief Marketing Officer.

The double entendres flow freely in this interview and also through the menu and the cult following that the Wiener has developed in just a few short months of operation.

They’ve already been featured in a segment on The Food Network’s Eat Street and they are winning new accolades and followers every day.

We talked mainly about how they built the business from conception to launch. I hope you enjoy it and that you get a chuckle out of the humor.

“I can’t wait to come to Austin and get my hands on a Naked Cowgirl.”
-Dave Young

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It was a Day of Days

Dave_young_and_nellie_mckay Just got back to my room after hearing Nellie McKay cap off the annual Wizard Academy reunion. That was fun! She played for an hour and stayed to sign autographs and take pics with us. A nice cozy crowd of about 100 people. If you don’t know who Nellie McKay is, you should find out.

We had a few warm-up numbers from Peter Nevland and Phil Sheeran.

Too fun for words!