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About Dave Young

I'm Dave Young, a senior Partner at the Wizard of Ads group. Business owners hire us to help them grow their business by buying more efficient media schedules, writing more effective ads, building and optimizing their web assets. Our long-term clients almost all enjoy growth through tough economic times. We position them to get more than their fair share of business. I have a team of partners, each with specific skill sets. When a business owner wants to hire us, I listen to their story and put the team together that can make a difference for them. Kinda simple, huh? One more thing...I'm also a 2-star Admiral in The Great Navy of the state of Nebraska, in case that means anything to you.

Worthless Bastards of Tucson


I’ve started hosting Worthless Bastards meetings every Friday at my office location in Tucson. My office is in a very cool place called Rail Yard. Stop by and say hello.

If you aren’t sure whether you’d enjoy a Worthless Bastard meeting, just read some of the info on the main web site at

Frankly, I think of these meetings as TED talks without the hassle of finding speakers and a stage.

Join our Tucson Worthless Bastards group on Facebook.

Creative Genius? Really?

Perhaps I tend to read too much into the intent of the Prickly Pear. The one I sent to Roy was casting Quixotic shadow puppets. This one seems to be reaching out to slap me as I walk down the sidewalk.

A lot of people have asked about this whole Tucson thing. Why are you moving? Why Tucson? What’s the plan?

The “Why” is more complicated than the “What”, so I’ll explain the why over a glass of red when you come and visit me.

Here’s “what” I’ve found: Continue reading