January 26, 2015

Creative Genius? Really?

Perhaps I tend to read too much into the intent of the Prickly Pear. The one I sent to Roy was casting Quixotic shadow puppets. This one seems to be reaching out to slap me as I walk down the sidewalk.

A lot of people have asked about this whole Tucson thing. Why are you moving? Why Tucson? What’s the plan?

The “Why” is more complicated than the “What”, so I’ll explain the why over a glass of red when you come and visit me.

Here’s “what” I’ve found: [Read more...]

Soundbites: Super Bowl Reach

NOTE FROM DAVE:  The “SoundBites” podcasts are usually re-written in an article style (via Shortcut Blogging), but this one was such an interactive conversation that I decided to simply use the transcript. Enjoy the game!

So far…in these pre-game days, this is my fave: Beuller? Beuller?

Want to read the transcript? [Read more...]

Soundbites: Measuring Radio Results With Web Analytics

Adam: Welcome once again to BrandingBlog Soundbites, with Wizard of Ads partner Dave Young, from BrandingBlog.com. I’m Adam Lefler, hello Dave.

Dave: Hi Adam

Adam: Dave, today were sitting down talking about measuring radio effectiveness on a website.

Dave: That seems like a crazy idea, doesn’t it? [Read more...]

Tom Wanek's Ad-Speak Calculator

Remember this routine from George Carlin? He mentions nearly every hucksterism known to mankind. My colleague, Tom Wanek, has taken all of Carlin's phrases plus hundreds more and created a cool and free tool that allows you to paste in your ad copy to see how you rate. (Hint: the more your ads sound like ads, the more they blend into the background of the thousands of other ads your audience is subjected to each day.)

The key is to stand out by NOT sounding like every other ad. It's not easy. Here the link to the Ad-Speak Calculator.

What's Your Market Share? Do you really know?

How much of the market for your particular product or service do you own?

Mathboy Car dealers, real estate companies and other businesses whose transactions are tracked by the government have it made. They know exactly where they stand. Some businesses have an industry clearing-house that collects such information and shares it with members.

For other local retailers or service businesses, this can be a rather difficult number to calculate with any degree of accuracy.

So, how to keep score?

If you've been in the market for long, you actually know more than you think. I hope these steps help you.

1. Write down every one of your competitors by name
2. Order them from biggest to smallest
3. Estimate their annual billing by your BEST GUESS (you're probably close enough to at least make this a useful exercise)
4. Write this number next to their name
5. Show the list to your sales staff, spouse or managers and ask them to add the competitors that you forgot
6. Place your business and your sales number in its proper place in the list
7. ADD up all the numbers…this is your estimate of Market Potential
8. Divide YOUR number by the TOTAL…this is your MARKET SHARE

If the Market Potential seems like a much smaller number than you thought it would be, you've probably missed a few competitors.

What's the lesson from this exercise?

Now, you have a scoreboard!

All of the businesses listed ABOVE your name are targets! Your goal is to be stealing market share. Study them and learn how you can be better than they are.

All of the businesses BELOW you are either potential acquisitions or potential threats to YOU. They see a target on your back. Don't ignore them.