February 11, 2016


PrintI’m Dave Young, a marketing consultant and┬áPartner with┬áthe Wizard of Ads group.

I am also the founder of Shortcut Blogging, a boutique content production service. We create blog posts and podcasts from spoken-word interviews with your subject matter experts.

Business owners hire us to help them grow their business by buying more efficient media schedules, writing more effective ads, building and optimizing their web assets.

Our long-term clients almost all enjoy growth even through tough economic times. We position them to get more than their fair share of business.

I have a team of partners, each with specific skill sets. When a business owner wants to hire us, I listen to their story and put the team together that can make a difference for them. Kinda simple, huh?

One more thing…I’m also a 2-star Admiral in The Great Navy of the State of Nebraska, in case that means anything to you.