January 27, 2015

Let's meet in Barrie, Ontario next week!

Front-page-image The next version of our Wizards On The Road event is next week in Barrie, Ontario, just a short hour's drive from the Toronto Airport.

Steve Rae is organizing the event and we've got 2 full days of Wizard of Ads teaching for you at the insanely low price of $145.

If you read Roy William's Monday Morning Memo this week, he mentions the Pendulum of Society. I'll be delivering the original presentation that we've been showing around the world for almost 7 years. If you haven't seen this unique view of society's generations, it's worth the trip. If you're scratching your head wondering about all the changes going on around you, this will make things clearer.

Check out all the details at www.WizardsonTheRoad.com or just go over to our signup page and we'll see you in Barrie!

The Recessionary "Share of Voice" Bonus

You hear a lot of people talking about how stupid it is to stop advertising during a recession. They recount how so many businesses stayed the course and came out the other side with increased market share.

Question: Were they just better equipped to weather the storm, or did their advertising work better during the downturn?

Share of Voice: The percentage of total ad messages in your business category that are YOURS.

If your competitors are cutting back (or belly up) you can actually get a boost in the effectiveness of your advertising because your Share of Voice just got bigger.

The Advertising Performance Equation accounts for how your market share relates back to the Share of Voice that you've purchased through your advertising. All things being equal, if you have fewer competitors barking on the airwaves, your ad will do a better job of "branding" your business in the minds of consumers as the first place they think of and feel best about, when the need for your product or service arises.

Share of Voice

You see, Share of Mind, is the result of your Share of Voice times the Impact Quotient, or level of effectiveness of your message. Couple a powerful message with an increased Share of Voice and something magical starts to happen. If you don't fritter away this advantage by delivering a below-average customer experience, increased market share is sure to follow. It's all in the math.

It's not simply that your competitors have left a void in the market, but they've left a void in the minds of their customers.

Will you step up and fill that void?

One Man Brand Bootcamp with Ray Seggern

If you're going to be in Austin on January 15, you should go check out Ray's $99 bootcamp. Really.

Catching Up: Seminars, Superbowl and Awards



I’m excited about a couple of seminars approaching in March and April. Mainly because I’ll be teaching at both of them.

First, is the "Boom Your Business"  2-day event on the Mornington Peninsula near Melbourne, Australia. Five Wizard of Ads Partners are collaborating to present a variety of the business topics near and dear to our hearts. Of course, the topics we love the best are the same topics we use to grow our clients’ businesses. We still have a few seats left. It’s a small venue at a yacht club. NICE!

Second, is my Blog/Web Workshop at Wizard Academy. Very limited enrollment. Students will arrive with nothing but ideas and leave with a blog/web site and armed with the power to use it!

SuperBowl Ads

Michele Miller has posted some fun thoughts on the Super Bowl ads. I didn’t catch the game this year because we were out celebrating my youngest daughter’s birthday (13!). I watched all of the ads in tiny YouTube format. Michele gives her unique look at how the ads played to women.


Congratulations to Bryan Eisenberg, Holly Buchanan and everyone at Grokdotcom for picking up a couple of nice awards last week!

Boom Your Business March 4 & 5: 2-Day AUSTRALIAN Wizard of Ads Seminar

If you’re Australian, it’s a great excuse to get yourself to the Mornington Peninsula, south of Melbourne. If you’re Canadian or American, there’s no better excuse to fly downunder as a business expense.

FIVE Wizard of Ads Partners, including your’s truly, are convening for a 2-day event in March.

For just under US$1,000, you’ll learn:

  • Signaling Theory - Learn what biologists have known for the past three decades.
  • Business Problem Topology - How to create a revolutionary innovation model in your business.
  • Persuasion Architecture – Improve ROI on your website and business.
  • Web Blogs - What you have always wanted to know.
  • Online Video Introductions (OVI’s) – Your 24/7 online salesperson.
  • Strategy
  • Branding
  • How to Calculate an Ad Budget
  • The Most Common Mistakes in Marketing & Advertising
  • The Most Common Mistakes in Marketing to Women
  • How to Buy Word of Mouth
  • Neurology 101
  • Personal Experience Factor (PEF)
Please be aware each of these topics is normally a one to two day course in itself. As a sampler you will be given a sneak-peek into each.

Read more about it and register at our Wizard of Ads Australia site.