Creative Genius? Really?

Perhaps I tend to read too much into the intent of the Prickly Pear. The one I sent to Roy was casting Quixotic shadow puppets. This one seems to be reaching out to slap me as I walk down the sidewalk.

A lot of people have asked about this whole Tucson thing. Why are you moving? Why Tucson? What’s the plan?

The “Why” is more complicated than the “What”, so I’ll explain the why over a glass of red when you come and visit me.

Here’s “what” I’ve found:

I’ve found that turning a page and opening up a new chapter in a life is scary, exhilarating, challenging, boring, depressing and fun.

The low points come in because we’ve chosen as a family to make the move over the next year, so it means some time alone. (I told you the “why” is more complicated).

The high points come in times of discovery. If you watched the videos in Roy William’s rabbit hole this week, you’ll see 2 different kinds of Tucson being presented. This first one is the Chamber of Commerce perspective.

And the second is a peek at the parts of Tucson that the Chamber would rather have you forget.

Of course, BOTH videos are accurate portrayals of the city. You can choose to focus on the cactus or you can focus on the shadow. Let me warn you, too much focus on the cactus, and all you’ll see are problems. Too much focus on a magical shadow and all you will see is fantasy.

WHAT I’m enjoying about Tucson is that reality-bitch-slap of the cactus at the top of this post. I’ve lived in a too-small town for entirely-too-long. It’s nice to stretch my wings for more than a 48-hour visit to a city on a consulting gig. I’m making Tucson my town.

Seriously, come on over for a glass of red.