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Grok, Grok, Grok

GrokMy buddies over at FutureNow have consolidated all of their bloggy efforts into the NEW GrokDotCom blog.

It’s a great new site powered by a ContentRobot installation of WordPress with some very cool technology humming in the background.

In addition to the original content, it pulls in feeds from some great marketing blogs and sites. It may just be the only blog you need to read! I’ve added the post feed to my sidebar. Check it out.

Blog as a Marketing Tool

Silly_stringI get a lot of email asking me to promote a book, or a web site site on this blog. I usually ignore it, unless they are offering to send me something free. Then I respond with my street address.

So, it’s a rare occasion when someone gets my attention out of the blue and I actually spend a little time checking out what they are talking about.

Tonight, an email arrived from Kim Kotecki describing a new (yeah right) kind of blog…an xblog. OK, I thought. Let’s see what an xblog is. Kim described it as an experiential blog with the goal of getting the readers involved with some kind of action.

I clicked. I read. Pretty cool actually. I liked the premise. Just two people having fun. No hard sell of any kind of product. No ads, except for a book. Wait, there’s a link for club members only….takes me to a place where I can PAY to see more content. No big deal. I’m not paying…back to the site.

I read more of the funny activities and start thinking that these are good ideas for me to do with my kids…who think dad is about half-baked most of the time anyway. (Just last night I came into the living room and declared that you’re never too old to have a happy childhood…I read it on the web 24 hours BEFORE Kim’s email.)

OK, let’s see who these two crusaders are…follow the links back to that club. Wait a minute! These two people have a business wrapped around this idea. He’s a public speaker, they sell candles and cards and other products. Very good.

They did it right! No hard sell on the blog. Just get me interested. Start the scent trail. Let the reader “discover” the rest. Beautiful.

If you want to see how to use a blog to help grow your business, check it out.