January 29, 2015

BrandingBlog Radio: Greysuit Retail with David Lively and Raffy Pendery

These guys rock. David Lively and Raffy Pendery are the brains behind Greysuit Retail and now Greysuit Apps.

Their mission is to make the techie side of the web easier for retailers. They’ve built a platform for managing a small retailer’s ecommerce, blog, web, craigslist, email and more. Now, with Greysuit Apps they can help you manage the ever-growing complexity of marketing on Facebook.

In the middle of the podcast, I asked how they came up with the name Greysuit. They went into a story about how laid-back they are and how they hardly ever even wear shoes. So, I thought I’d go swipe a photo of them from Facebook to use in this post. What did I find? David Lively in a dark suit-coat and Raffy in a tux. Sigh. So, I grabbed this image off of their web site instead.

Here are the links we talked about in the podcast:

BrandingBlog Radio: Dave Young on Why We Blog

It’s all me on this one. Join me on episode 13 as I reminisce about writing my first book back in 2003.

Highlights include me setting Roy H. Williams straight about the definition of a blog. Of course, he isn’t there to argue the point. I talk about how the almost 8-year-old book isn’t out of date.

Most importantly, I lay out the argument that you SHOULD be blogging and at the end I offer a tease about a new shortcut to blogging that Paul Boomer and I are offering to our friends.

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Download the PDF of the book.

I mentioned a couple of project collaborators…Walt Kane and Liz Roscovius.

Monday Morning Memo – The blog of Roy H. Williams

Why We Blog on Amazon Haha!  They still have a copy.


BrandingBlog Radio: CJ Romberger on Connecting

An interview with CJ Romberger is a tough thing to nail down. I finally got her to sit still long enough to have a recording session on a day when she is monitoring half-a-dozen wildfires near her Austin home, AND trying to work, AND keep track of a whole bunch of other people. I think that’s kind of funny, and if you know CJ, you’ll find the humor in it.

We talked mainly about the rules of engagement in online communication for businesses (and people who work at businesses.)

I’m sure you’ll be hearing more from CJ as the podcasting continues…

Contact info for CJ Romberger:

Her personal blog

CJ on Facebook

Wildwood Interactive

BrandingBlog Radio: The Future of Marketing IS Sarah Ripley

I have seen the Future of Marketing and her name is Sarah Ripley.

Craig Arthur brought her on board our Australia group because Sarah is a natural-born networker and a talented and intuitive marketing professional.

I got up early in the morning and she stayed up late at night so that we could talk about her experiences at “Uni” in marketing courses and how the real world isn’t much like the picture they paint in college classrooms.

I had one of my goofy quips all lined up and then forgot to use it. I was going to tell her that I’m a big fan of her museums. Maybe next time…because I’m sure she’s never heard that one before.

WonderBranding: Michele Miller's Marketing to Women blog praised by Forbes!

Just a quick note to congratulate marketing to women expert Michele Miller for being named to Forbe.com's list of the 20 Best Marketing and Social Media Blogs by Women


You should also check out a few of her way cool marketing to women videos. Be sure to watch the "meet Michele Miller" video. (It's a cool production from our friends at SunPop, the online video introduction guys.)