BrandingBlog Radio: Dave Young on Why We Blog

It’s all me on this one. Join me on episode 13 as I reminisce about writing my first book back in 2003.

Highlights include me setting Roy H. Williams straight about the definition of a blog. Of course, he isn’t there to argue the point. I talk about how the almost 8-year-old book isn’t out of date.

Most importantly, I lay out the argument that you SHOULD be blogging and at the end I offer a tease about a new shortcut to blogging that Paul Boomer and I are offering to our friends.

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Download the PDF of the book.

I mentioned a couple of project collaborators…Walt Kane and Liz Roscovius.

Monday Morning Memo – The blog of Roy H. Williams

Why We Blog on Amazon Haha!  They still have a copy.


  • Dave,

    I’ve listened to your last three podcasts today, CJ, Jean, and this one. They truly are fascinating. I’d love to be ‘in the know’ about your new “audio-bloginator” tool.

    • Dave Young

      Thanks Brian! It’s almost ready for prime time. I’ll let you know. Maybe we can run it through Testmymessage and get some good feedback. 😉

      • Of course you can! – hey, you need the option to subscribe to comments 🙂

  • Hi!  At the Norwich Business School we have a degree called MSc Brand Leadership, and we are passionate about getting the word out there. We’ve set up a blog, and are doing quite well for content. I uploaded a piece today about Wendy’s rebranding – please take a look at it if you’re interested: