Weekend Video Assignment: Think about what YOU can control!

After watching this video, you can start to understand the forces that can cause the stock markets to plunge to a depth that wipes out all of your earnings for the year. The simple fact is that you are not in control of money that you might have invested in the markets. We’ve turned it over to the machines.

I don’t mean to upset you for the weekend, but you might want to consider safer ways to hang on to your cashola.

1 thought on “Weekend Video Assignment: Think about what YOU can control!

  1. Brian Schmitt

    Fantastic video. It’s exciting to watch and begin to grasp what’s driving some of the decisions and money in our economy. Interestingly I’m much less worried after knowing what causes the unexplained fluctuations. Maybe I’m too ignorant to really grasp the situation. Thanks for posting it.


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