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Art as a Marketing Tool

FondasanmiguelSonja Howle has been studying art as a strategic tool for marketing for over a year now and has been busy posting her observations and case studies on her American Visionaries blog. Our Wizardly Customer Experience partner, Mike Dandridge picked up on her latest story about The Palm restaurant in NYC.

By sheer coincidence a book landed in my lap 2 nights ago that chronicles the story of an iconic Austin restaurant called Fonda San Miguel. The restaurant is owned by a native of my little hometown in Nebraska, so I’m familiar with it and I’ve dined there. It was great, but my focus wasn’t on the experience as much as it had been if I had "discovered" it myself.

Enchiladas suizas de jaibaNow the book has allowed me to re-discover what the owners have been able to create over the past 30 years and how they have woven authentic Mexican cuisine (not the enchilada plate #2) along with art and architecture into a truly experiential dinner.

I sent this link to Sonja and suggested that a group of us head to Fonda San Miguel next week when we’re back in Austin. It will be good to catch up with Tom Gilliland and take a look at the place with a different eye.