Create a Company Culture…Start Now!


I'm not big on year-end resolutions, big plans and the like. But, I have to share a post from my friend Rich Christiansen.

I've written about Rich before. He wrote "Bootstrap Business" and is an SEO and Adwords expert.

In his latest post on the Bootstrap blog, Rich talks about his relationship with Ray Noorda, founder of Novell. It's a cool story about how one man formed a strong company culture by his own leadership through story, connection and love.

This is a list of qualities that Rich took away from Noorda's funeral…

  • Believe and trust in people.
  • We all have a responsibility in life. Be faithful to it.
  • Customers first, employees second, shareholders third.
  • Be unassuming.
  • Listen, especially with your heart.
  • Practice integrity.
  • Be loyal.
  • Be true to your own core beliefs, but recognize the need to compromise within parameters that don’t violate those beliefs.
  • Respect the individual, not the title.
  • Marriage is ordained of God, and is your first priority in life.
  • Practice fiscal responsibility.
  • Take care of your health.
  • Willingly forgive others’ mistakes and shortcomings.
  • Retain your dignity, no matter the circumstances.
  • Give something back.

Be sure to go read the entire story on the Bootstrap Business Blog.

Have a Happy New Year!

3 thoughts on “Create a Company Culture…Start Now!

  1. Jeff

    Great post, Dave. And what a fabulous list of lessons.

    I’d quibble over the “customers first, employees second” not because it’s wrong, but because from a temporal standpoint, you have to focus on employees before you can count on them coming through for your customers. This is the lesson of Southwest, of Zappos, and of Studer Group.

    Still, a great list. I’m heading over to Rich’s post right now to get more. Thanks again for sharing.

    – Jeff

  2. Patrick D. Morin

    Dave, I am always impressed by a person who takes the basic fundamentals of achievement, implements them and gets results. The rest of us who are in pursuit of great things are then encourange to carry on inspite of the obstacles. Thank you to the man,the author, and to the blogger for this kick and the hug. Patrick D. Morin


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