BrandingBlog Radio: Test My Marketing with Brian Schmitt

Have you ever poured your time and energy into an ad, or an email, or a blog post, video, phone message, sales pitch, or, or, or….?

Sometimes you are just too close to the issue to realize what may be wrong with your approach, the words you’ve choosen or the the fact that you might be leaving out something critical. is a place where you can upload your marketing message and have it critiqued by at least 3 marketing professionals who promise not to hold back. If you can take the heat, you’re message will be tempered by fire.

Back in August of 2011, the Awesome Sauce class at Wizard Academy birthed this baby business that was adopted by a couple of students. Brian Schmitt and Matt Lenhart decided that this was an idea that they could get behind and nurse into a full-grown enterprise. Now, more than half-a-year later, they’ve added another partner, changed the name and are in the middle of another launch mode.

I had a chance to catch up with Brian Schmitt last week to discuss how things are going. You’ll like what you hear…or your money back!


  • Anna Cummins

    Great interview Brian! This is a brilliant idea! I look forward to using your services. Thank you Dave Young for always delivering great interviews.  I have learned something new from every single one of your podcasts. 

  • Test My Marketing

    Thanks Anna! I still owe you a picture with my dachshund and my Evil Wiener shirt. I’ll be in Austin in July. Definitely stopping by for lunch and photo op.

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  • MLM Alice

    Great article, Dave. I learned a lot about you testing you market with Brian Schmitt. Thanks for the information.