BrandingBlog Radio: Mark Effinger

I managed to corner Mark Alan Effinger for this week’s podcast. If you know Mark, you’ll really enjoy this episode. If you don’t know Mark, just buckle your seatbelt, hit play and hang on.

Mark and I helped teach a book writing workshop several years ago with an all-star cast led by Mike Drew.

We talk about PR, Brain nutrients, Amazon, Sean Phillip’s Full Strength shakes, and loads of other crazy stuff, including the time that Mark overdosed Rich Christiansen with niacin. It’s basically unedited and rambling and just soooo Effinger.

This is the kind of conversation that I love having with Mark. We’ve had so many of these, and this is the first I recorded for a podcast. I know there will be more. Effing Effinger.

  • Love the podcast guys. An encore is definitely called for. Mark, I can’t wait order web nutrients. I’m in need of unscrambling my brain. If you need more testers I’d be happy to sign up.

  • And now, Thanksgiving 2012 – It’s all about 30 Rock. 
    See how far we’ve come?

    • This is still the best photo ever taken of you. 

  • Hey Dave – This is Mark Alan Effinger – I’m working some Branding Mojo. And I thought, WTH, let’s mess with Dave at the very same time!