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Catching Up: Seminars, Superbowl and Awards



I’m excited about a couple of seminars approaching in March and April. Mainly because I’ll be teaching at both of them.

First, is the "Boom Your Business"  2-day event on the Mornington Peninsula near Melbourne, Australia. Five Wizard of Ads Partners are collaborating to present a variety of the business topics near and dear to our hearts. Of course, the topics we love the best are the same topics we use to grow our clients’ businesses. We still have a few seats left. It’s a small venue at a yacht club. NICE!

Second, is my Blog/Web Workshop at Wizard Academy. Very limited enrollment. Students will arrive with nothing but ideas and leave with a blog/web site and armed with the power to use it!

SuperBowl Ads

Michele Miller has posted some fun thoughts on the Super Bowl ads. I didn’t catch the game this year because we were out celebrating my youngest daughter’s birthday (13!). I watched all of the ads in tiny YouTube format. Michele gives her unique look at how the ads played to women.


Congratulations to Bryan Eisenberg, Holly Buchanan and everyone at Grokdotcom for picking up a couple of nice awards last week!

It was a Day of Days

Dave_young_and_nellie_mckay Just got back to my room after hearing Nellie McKay cap off the annual Wizard Academy reunion. That was fun! She played for an hour and stayed to sign autographs and take pics with us. A nice cozy crowd of about 100 people. If you don’t know who Nellie McKay is, you should find out.

We had a few warm-up numbers from Peter Nevland and Phil Sheeran.

Too fun for words!