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Pimp my Blind

One of the strategies we use for our clients is called business topology mapping. It involves taking a totally unrelated business model and finding a way to apply their tactics in your own business.

Here’s an example and a free idea for my friends at Cabela’sPimp My Ride is a cool show on MTV right now.  MTV finds some poor kid with a crappy car and sends out rap artist Xzibit to pimp their ride. Basically, they take the junker and turn it into a customized dream car for the owner.  Cabela’s could find some poor hunter with a lousy goose pit and award him a total makeover.  Call the show "Pimp my Blind." 

Maybe instead of a rap artist, you could get Ted Nugent to host the show. I can see the pimped out blind:  Satellite TV dish inside of a decoy…plasma TV monitors for each hunter connected both to the football games AND to horizon-scanning cameras to keep a look out for the birds.  Full underground kitchen, the works.

Why let MTV have all the fun?