Hooray for Honeywell!


I really enjoy reading along with Michelle Leder (Footnoted.org) as she scours the footnotes of SEC filings. On Fridays she tries to find a tidbit of good news to pass along. She says it’s not always easy. I believe it.

…Honeywell decided to create a chart that basically mimics the summary compensation table providing a list of various perks for all five top executives over the past three years. So it’s easy for investors to see that Chairman and CEO David Cote’s personal use of his company car was $55K last year vs. $66K last year or that CFO David Anderson used the corporate jet less than half as much as he did in 2003. Honeywell isn’t required to list it this way — they could have lumped it all together like most companies do. But since this is a preliminary proxy, let’s cross our fingers and hope more companies follow suit.

Link: footnoted.org | Blog.

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