Happy Birthday is trademarked.

This reminds me of the guy who tried to patent the wheel. Apparently this Chinese company is getting away with it.

Chinese company registers “Happy Birthday” brand: [World News]: Hefei (China), Oct 17 : The phrase ‘Happy Birthday’ can no longer be used to brand a range of products in about 25 countries across the world as a Chinese company has registered it as a trade mark.

The countries that the company Fufeng with about 70 products including toys, dresses, shoes and hats, acquired a right over the phrase include the US, Japan and the European Union members, Xinhua reports.

Faced by the increasingly fierce competition in the world toy market, the company realised the importance of branding its products and registered the “well-known and pleasant phrase”, according to a company official who didn’t give his name.

Fufeng is a major toy manufacturer with more than $5 million annual export turnover.

–Indo-Asian News Service Chinese company registers “Happy Birthday” brand

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