Happy Birthday Roy!

The fact that March is nearly over, be damned. Today feels like a new year to me.

I’m on my way to a Birthday Party. Roy turns 50 this weekend and a bunch of us are meeting in Austin from all over the place to wish him well and thank him for his influence, inspiration and leadership.

Just over 6 short years ago, I made my first trek to Austin in hopes of pinning my own little name to a the coat-tails of a wizard. It’s been a terrific experience. The best part is being invited to help small business owners become better marketers with happier customers.

Happy Birthday Roy! I hope to attend your 100th as well!

So, what has been my experience as a Wizard’s Partner?

Well, I’m writing this from seat 1A (yes, my upgrade cleared) on my flight from Denver to Austin. Until the last couple of years, I’ve always walked by the first class seats wondering how in the hell those people could afford the nice seats. My experience has taught me that mostly they just fly a lot and are occasionally rewarded for our butt-in-seat time with a better seat. (My wife calls me a miles-whore.)

My wife and kids have been able to travel to some pretty exciting places with me using my accumulated miles.

I’ve got friends all across Canada, Australia, Guatemala, U.K. and America.

It’s time to count blessings, more importantly to share them.

I’ve never been a good “New Year’s Resolution” person. So, here’s a 2nd-4th Quarter Resolution:

I will share all I’m learning with you. Next stop, some thoughts on music.

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