Blog Ghostwriting with no time-sucking Ghost

I know I’ve mentioned Shortcut Blogging to you quite a few times, but we’ve finished our web site and have our infrastructure in place to take on new clients in bigger numbers than onesy-twosies.

Many business owners know that they should be blogging. Why? Because, blogging creates relevant content on your site, gives you increased credibility as an expert and gives people a reason to talk about you in a good way.

Trouble is, most business owners are so time-deprived that they just can’t make writing a priority.

Hiring a ghost writer for your blog won’t save you much time. You’ll have to spend a lot of time with the writer just making sure he/she understands your business and then going over revisions before posting.

We’ve made it simpler. Think about it this way…if the local radio station called you up and asked you to go on the air for 10 minutes to talk about your favorite subject, would you hesitate to say “Yes”? Of course not.

What if you were able to brainstorm a year’s worth of “favorite” topics and then have a weekly interview where you covered each one? Yes, again? Of course!

Paul Boomer and I have taken that idea and made it a service for business owners. We’ll produce weekly interviews, post them as podcasts on your site, create articles based on your spoken words and post them as accompanying blog posts. All you have to do is show up for the interviews…and we’ll batch them in once-a-month recording sessions.

Our guiding mantra has been, “How can we make blogging so easy for a business owner that they will feel like their contribution is really a break in their work instead of something that adds to the load?”

The business owner shows up for the interviews, we do the rest. All of it.

Yes, this is a shameless plug. But, I’ve been telling you to blog for almost 8 years now. Have you done it?

To sweeten the pot, we’ll even buy you a microphone just like the one pictured here. You’re gonna sound like a million bucks.

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