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OK, I admit that I haven’t been carrying the branding flag forward into battle much the past 12 months. And, I also get tired of reading the same ol’, same ol’ from all of the usual suspects in the world of marketing and advertising oriented blogs.

I got a comment a couple of days ago from Alison Driscoll on a post I wrote 2 years ago. Of course, when someone comments, you try to find out who they are before you go linking to a porn site or male enhancement propaganda.

Alison’s been blogging now for 2 months (at least according to her archives). I hope she stays with it. She’s a fresh, new voice with something to say. And what a great slogan line for her blog…"The Bottled Blonde of Marketing." I like love it.

I have to admit that as a father of 4 girls, I was impressed that her dad left a comment on her very first post. That beats any "real-world" credential in my book. Blog on Alison!

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