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Out to Lunch: Part 2

Screencapture2 What if you want to move from the realm of passive observation to active manipulation to test someone?

Less than 24 hours after my "Out to Lunch" story posted, Tim Ferriss posted an in-depth method for REALLY testing someone’s mettle. I like reading Tim’s blog. He’s of the "build my own river and craft the rapids" mentality. I’m more of the "grab the inner tube and a case of beer and let’s see what happens" sort.

Most people spend more time planning their weekends than their relationships. Don’t make that mistake. You are the average of the 5 or so people you associate with most.

Choose wisely.

What do you think? Too Machiavellian? Not enough? Would you go this far?

Out to Lunch: Would this Person Make a Good Client, Boss, Employee?

ForkWhat clues do people give off when you are in the courtship phase of a new relationship?

A simple shared meal at a restaurant with table service is a great place to pick up clues about how YOU will soon be treated if you enter into a relationship (business or otherwise) with your dining partner. Watch how your guest treats the staff at the restaurant. Watch especially closely when something goes wrong, or a waiter makes a mistake.

Now, use your empathy to decide if you would like to be the waiter at your table. Mentally, put yourself in the shoes of the waiter and imagine what it would be like as a person to serve your guest.

If your potential client treats the wait-staff as servants, you’re in for the same treatment after the honeymoon period wears off. If she treats the waiter with warmth and talks to them as an equal, you can likely expect the same.

As a Myers-Briggs ENFP, I have no problem with the empathy part. What usually trips me up is giving the person the benefit of the doubt, over and over. We ENFPs often make the mistake of thinking we can have a nice human relationship with the most un-human of people. If we would only follow our intuition when it says "warning!" we’d be able to easily avoid some of life’s drama!

What other clues should we watch for? What’s been your experience?