Yeah, I'm man enough to blog about tampons

dittiebowlingWhen I read about the new tampon company Ditties over at AdRants, I had to check it out. You see, I have a wife and four daughters so even as a male, this story has the potential to influence my life. I’ll let you read whatever you want into that line. The simple fact is that it’s no use getting squeamish at my house over something like menstruation.

I’ve explored their entire web site and even played their tampon bowling game. I think the entire concept is pretty cool. Let’s watch and see if Ditties can do to the feminine hygiene commodity industy what Starbucks did to coffee! I can’t wait to tell Julie and the girls about Ditties. OK, I’ll tell them about it. I’ll even write about it, but will I step up to the cash register and buy them? Hmmm, I’ve seldom been asked to do this but I think having a box of Ditties in my shopping cart wouldn’t be the same as one of those other big blue boxes. But wait! If I score 150 in the flash bowling game, they’ll send me free Ditties. Well, back to my bowling, er…market research.

1 thought on “Yeah, I'm man enough to blog about tampons

  1. Michele Miller

    You receive my Enlightened Man of the Day Award… although I’m not surprised at your manliness, given that you live with a bunch of women!

    LOVE your new blog look, by the way!


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