Wordtracker: Great Story on the Blendtec Saga

Tomdickson_2 I wrote a short piece about Blendtec’s success on YouTube a few weeks ago.

Today, Rachelle Money at Wordtracker’s blog posted an interview with Blendtec owner/video star Tom Dickson.

When asked about his feelings towards viral marketing now, Dickson said, “The interesting thing about viral marketing is that when you put it out there there’s no way of taking it back – it’s gone. You might get people who say bad things but that’s just going to happen.

“Most of what’s said about the campaigns is very positive. In fact, if someone says something negative about me or the blender, we don’t have to do anything because others will come back and defend me and the product.”

It’s a great success story. I find it very interesting that the strategic pieces all fell into place AFTER the company found a remarkable way to tell the message.

What are you doing to be remarkable?


Porkbeans_2 Part of Blendtec’s strategy is to blend whatever is hot. The new song "Pork and Beans" from Weezer is hot right now. That’s because they are also blending what is hot. They invited a bunch of other hot YouTube stars to star in their latest music video. There’s a cameo appearance from a Blendtec blender (screenshot). And, one of the most recent episodes of Will it Blend features Tom Dickson blending a Weezer CD and a can of Pork and Beans.

So, when you search for Weezer, Pork and Beans or just about any other famous video, you’re likely to come across a Blendtec video. It may not be the most relevant, blender-seeking traffic, but it will continue to cement the company’s name as the blender to beat.

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