Wizard of Ads Michele Miller on CNBC

I just want it known that I interviewed her several weeks before CNBC. You can hear my interview on our podcast.

CNBC spent a couple of hours at Michele’s home the other day for a 7-second soundbite to go along with this story about Home Depot opening a couple of new stores designed for women shoppers.

Michelemilleroncnbc They quote her on their web site (although they misspelled her name in the text version of the story).

There are two video pieces embedded in the story. The first is a straight feature, with Michele’s clip. The second video is the usual banter with the misogynist anchorman making an ass of himself. Actually, both videos seem a bit slippery. When the first one opens, I can picture Jack Black raising his eyebrows and saying a Home Depot ‘for the ladies.’

If you want to know more about how to do a better job at crafting your business message to appeal to women, join me in Austin on Oct 30 & 31 for Michele’s WonderBranding class. Michele’s got just a couple of open seats left in the class.

So, who’s watching CNBC? Did they run this story "for the ladies" or do they care?