Will YOU be there when the big door swings open?

For the past few weeks, David Letterman has been asking this new catch-phrase question. I was as confused as anyone…UNTIL today’s Monday Morning Memo appeared. OF COURSE! Letterman was talking about the big door of Tall m’Hall on the new Wizard Academy campus!

I don’t know about you, but I’LL be there when the big door swings open.

Our Hurtling World – by Roy H. Williams

Marketing was easy in the old days. You had ABC, NBC and CBS, a local newspaper and half a dozen radio stations. That was it. There was no Fox, no WB, no cable channels, no FM radio and no such thing as a cell phone. You had to find a phone booth and a dime. When pay phones jumped to a quarter it was taken as a sign of the antichrist.

I’m talking about the 1970s.

Fax machines and VCRs did not exist for most of us until 1980. It took barely 10 years for them to become utterly indispensable and now they’re becoming obsolete, kicked to the curb by email attachments, DVD machines and TiVo.

The future is accelerating toward us. Take your eyes off the hurtling horizon – even for a moment – and the world will pass you by.

It’s time for you to get serious about a web site.

Yes, in that list of things that didn’t exist in 1980, I failed to mention personal computers, the biggest world-changer of them all.

World-changing, let’s talk about it.

Recently, one of our graduates sat down to dinner at the old Clark Gable estate with 4 other World Changers:

1. the president of a major television network
2. a recent candidate for the Presidency of the United States
3. the man whose name is attached to all the most spectacular hotels in Las Vegas
4. a money man whose name you would instantly recognize if I were to say it.
They gathered to discuss a project being headed by my friend. I hope to be able to tell you more about this project soon, as it potentially involves Wizard Academy.

Another of our graduates is directing the worldwide Research and Development efforts of the US government to defeat bio-terrorism. If he is successful, Anthrax, Ebola, SARS, AIDS and other infectious diseases will no longer be life-threatening. Let’s pray that he succeeds.

A third graduate is the head of Pentagon News. I’m always fascinated to hear his perspective on world events.

But the graduates whose work is most likely to affect your personal life – the ones who can help you catch up to the future – are the Wizards of Web, Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg.

You know from recent memos that their book Call to Action became an international bestseller. Now, as a special favor to their alma mater, the Eisenbrothers have agreed to teach a world-changing 2-day event – Sept 8 and 9 – as a fundraiser to help build Engelbrecht House, the student mansion soon to be constructed on the campus of Wizard Academy. (No more renting of hotel rooms when you come to Austin!)

You need to attend this event. No other investment will propel you as fast into the future. And at just $2,200 it’s the bargain of the century. Academy graduates (and honorary graduates – those who have attended my public seminars) pay only half. Wow. That’s only $1,100. Read the details of this one-time-only seminar – Call to Action – under Course Descriptions at WizardAcademy.com.

I wouldn’t put it off if I were you.

Roy H. Williams

PS – Are you employed by a small or medium-market radio station? Are you responsible for making radio work for your advertisers? Good news: You have just enough time to get the 2-week-advance ticket price on the airlines of your choice. Radio in the 21st Century is happening July 14-15. It will make a huge difference in your career.

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