Why aren't you blogging?

Why_we_blog Seriously, why aren’t you blogging? It’s fun. It’s pretty easy as far as technology goes, and it’s a great way to establish your own personal brand.

The hardest part is finding the time to get yourself up the steepest part of the learning curve of whatever software system you’ve chosen to use. Learning TypePad is pretty straightforward. But, if you’re not comfortable learning new technology, it may take several weeks, and you might get frustrated enough to abandon all hope.

That’s why I developed my Blogging Workshop and teach it at Wizard Academy. I teach the system I use. I like TypePad because I’m comfortable here. It’s easy enough for anyone to use and to figure out on their own. Trust me. You don’t NEED to take my class to learn how to blog.

Here’s why you might want to take it: If your time is extremely valuable to you, then the airfare, hotel and driving to the course will be significantly less than learning to blog on your own. That’s right. You’ll get the confidence and experience in ONE DAY to get past the steepest part of the learning curve with classmates that are in the same boat as you.

If you’d like to visit about the class, you’ll find my contact information here somewhere.

So, Why aren’t you blogging yet?  Hmmmm?

5 thoughts on “Why aren't you blogging?

  1. Dave

    I just thought I’d jump in here before any blog elitists. YES, a person can learn to blog on his or her own. NO, you don’t need to pay anyone. The purpose of the class is to provide help to those who WANT it.

  2. Ivan Chew

    Why people don’t blog… I suspect I’m *was* a typical example. I started blogging only about 10 months ago, and only because an American who visited my library took issue with me when I said blogging was not constructive. I think I said that blogging was just another platform for verbal Diarrhea. I visited his blog, and decided I had to learn more. And now I’m advocating my colleagues to blog.

    Ok, I haven’t answered your question. I’d say the main reasons (in Singapore’s context) are:
    1. The mass media reinforces the view that blogging is something that only the young engage in, and is frivilous.

    2. People have no time. It takes effort to write. It takes time to learn at the beginning.

    3. People think (wrongly) that blogging means telling the whole world your inner most secrets, and that further deters them.

    4. They are not quite sure how to go about starting.

    5. Finally, I think this could be the main reason — most people, being pragmatic, don’t see blogging as a way to enhance their personal value (in a broad sense) or are not aware of how it can match their personal values. E.g. “Why should I blog? It doesn’t make me richer”, or “I like to read, but I’ve never considered blogging about it…”

  3. Chris Busch

    I got started blogging after taking Dave’s class at Wizard Academy last August. I don’t think I would have ever gotten started without the class. I was interested, but needed something to get me going and get me through the initial set up. Since then I’ve posted about 164 entries and gotten comments and contacts from people all over the world.

    Bottom line is that I’m glad I got started and I’m thankful to Dave for his guidance along the way. If you need something to give you a jump start, I highly recommend you take this class. If you are interested in personal branding a la Tom Peters, blogging is definitely one way to enhance that whole process.

    If you want some third party input from the Eide Neurolearning Blog on the benefits of blogging, check out this recent post of mine – http://www.chrisbusch.com/2005/03/blogs_and_the_b.html

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  5. Michele Miller

    Dave is responsible for the blogging addiction many of us suffer from… and it’s opened up our world in ways we could never have imagined. Dave is a fantastic teacher and has a customized solution for everyone – blogging builds your self confidence, connects you with others, and can even bring business your way.

    So… why aren’t YOU blogging?


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