Where have your fingers been walking lately?

[Note from Dave: I’ve read somewhere that much of the space in our landfills is taken up with phonebooks. Perhaps the best thing for the environment would be for this form of advertising to die a quick death.]

40yearsago_marketingHere’s today’s memo from Roy H. Williams:

A few years ago, your customer could compare you only to your competitor down the street. But information gathering and comparison shopping have since become effortless, thanks to the internet. Tens of millions of us are gathering and comparing info 24/7 in the comfort and seclusion of our own homes.

But we’re not "your customer," right?

I recently spoke to an audience of 1600 businesspeople at a conference in Las Vegas. Just before I walked onstage into the spotlight, my host whispered into my ear, "It would probably be better if you didn’t make any references to the internet, because this audience is almost exclusively 55 and older." I smiled and nodded at him just as the man at the microphone said "Roy H. Williams" and I walked out from behind the curtain to meet my fate.

Taking center stage, I raised my hand and asked, "How many of you have used a search engine in the last 7 days to research a purchase that you were considering?" At least 90 percent of the hands in the room were instantly raised. I looked offstage and shot a smile to my host who was staring bug-eyed at the ocean of fingers.

But I suppose none of those…..(continue reading at WizardAcademy)

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