Web and Blog Tools for the TOTALLY Clueless

Questionmark I’m gathering information. I’ve told people that TypePad is easy. Heck, I can use it.

So, what are the other easy web tools?  I’ve looked into Squarespace, and I like it.

What else is out there?  I want web tools that create good-looking sites without the owner having to know anything but pointing a mouse. No hosting issues.

Any suggestions?

We just want a few more tools in our belt before we gather in Austin to create some more great and simple sites and blogs.  By the way, if you plan on attending Accelerated Branding or Wonder Branding or the Academy Reunion, we can discuss these things in person. (I should have just found a house to rent in Austin for October!)

3 thoughts on “Web and Blog Tools for the TOTALLY Clueless

  1. Rick Couture

    I just signed up for an account with iContact (formerly Intellicontact) after much comparison shopping of the many many email service providers. Here’s why this qualifies as a “Web and Blog tool for the clueless”: with the click of a button, your email newsletter not only gets emailed to your list, but also posted to a blog (automatic setup by icontact if you don’t have one) and to a web archive page which the search engines can crawl. By sending my emails to my customers, I’m actually doing 3 things at once: email marketing, posting to the blog, and archiving on a live web page which can be searched…very nice. Plus the whole thing is wysiwyg of course and simple to understand…

  2. Shirley

    Thanks Rick, iContact sounds really interesting, I’ll check it out. As for easy blog tools. I like blogger the best. It’s really simple, but if you want to get complicated with it you can. There are a lot of options with blogger that are not available on other free blog services. Plus, it’s owned by google and I think that’s got to be a bonus in terms of search results.


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