Vess Barnes is Paving the Driveway! Right on Vess!

All of the Cognoscenti have met Vess Barnes at some point or another in their forays to Austin. He’s a staple at Wizard Academy. He drives down from Amarillo in his ‘vette faster than I can get there from Denver on United Airlines.

He’s stepped up and bought a bunch of concrete, and we couldn’t be happier! Vess Barnes says Hello!

2 thoughts on “Vess Barnes is Paving the Driveway! Right on Vess!

  1. Bill Laidlaw

    Thanks Vess, accessibility changed by a magnitude of? Would Jean B from Wonder branding have driven into WA over the many years she had lived close by and checked WA out, if the road had been paved? On another note I followed the David McInnis link from the WA home page to a letter of application to NYU,author unamed. Wow! I love this kid’s (part Kerouac, part Williams part…) mind he should come to Austin.


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