Uniquely Singapore

Ladies and gentlemen, Singapore has been branded!

STB (Singapore Tourism Board) took eight months to come up with the campaign, working with international branding consultancy firm FutureBrand, which was responsible for the branding behind the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

I wonder what it costs to have an international branding company spend 8 months working on your slogan? And the Sydney Olympics?

Here’s one of the comments from the story:

Student Ron Tan, 16, says: ‘It sounds shallow and superficial and it’s so cliched. At least Malaysia’s tagline rhymes.’

This is a good read. How about another key observation about catchy phrases from the same story?

In November 2002, Hong Kong Tourism Board’s British office launched a campaign with the headline ‘Hong Kong will take your breath away’. It was aimed at the British market.

Though appropriate at the time, it conveyed a completely different message four months later when Sars struck.

A slogan that sells? – MARCH 10, 2004

2 thoughts on “Uniquely Singapore

  1. John Moore

    Oh dear, another bland tagline. I see that the article links rises in visitors with the adoption of such slogans elsewhere, implying a direct-cause effect relationship where none may exist.

    These tags are largely wishful thinking and smack of Emperors New Clothes…

  2. Su-May

    They decided being unique ain’t good enough. So 2006-2007 is another crack at re-branding and tagline. My personal impression would be Singapore being cheap and good! Hur hur hur


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