The rest of the Pret A Manger story

PretbreadIf the CNN story in the previous post got you interested in Pret A Manger, check out their web site. Holy cow. These people are serious about their business and it’s quality. And they say so with no uncertainty or big corporate-speak. I like these people.

I’m heading to NYC next week, and Pret A Manger is on my to-do list.

From their “Good Jobs for Good People” page:

We employ many different nationalities, and value the cosmopolitan feel this gives the company.

Twice a year, we throw a massive party. Some have passed into Pret legend. Everyone at Pret is invited.

We have an in-house ‘ideas department’. Postage paid ideas cards and prizes are reviewed each month. There are thousands of bright ideas that could help Pret be a better, kinder, easier place to work and shop.

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