2 thoughts on “The Conceptual Age

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  2. David Wolfe


    I’ve been promoting the idea of the coming Renaissance in right brain influence ever since I proposed in my book Ageless Marketing written 16 years ago that as people age, certain left brain based mental functions associated with cognitive processes tend to migrate toward the right hemisphere. Thus it seemed to me that as the adult median age rose (it is now 45) the cultural ethose would increasingly reflect right brain influences. In fact, an essay by Jonas Salk in the early 1980s said such a shift could ultimately prove to be essential to the survival of humankind.

    Incidentally, what Daniel Pink calls the Conceptual Age, I call the Age of Transcendence — an era in human history in which materialism no longer constitutes the foundation of social and cultural progress. This development mirrors the declining influence of materialism that is common among those who have entered the second half of life (c. age 40).


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