The Art of Transparency

Can I trust you? Will you do the right thing if something bad happens?

Forest_poster I wish I had a dozen more clients like Houston photographer Aric Hoek. First off, he’s a brilliant photographer and a really nice guy. When Roy H. Williams first saw Aric’s work, he spontaneously said, "You’re the master of shadows." Aric liked that. He’s been using it ever since and it’s true.

Aric put up a blog post today that really tells a great story about what kind of business he operates. As a one-man-brand and a wedding photographer, he can only sell his services to one customer on a given wedding day. He needs policies to protect himself …too many cancellations and he’s out of business. But, he has the empathy to recognize that he can also serve his customers when things go wrong.

Go read his post and tell me if you don’t agree. Oh, and be sure to have a look at his work. Aric uses his blog as a tool of transparency. You can read about how he decides to offer a new product line, or how he plans his week. Spend a few minutes reading his writing and you’ll quickly decide whether you want him at your wedding or taking pictures of your family.

Disclaimer: Aric is a client of mine and he is building a business with very little advertising money. He is unbelievably committed both to creating photographs that are worthy of word of mouth and to using viral marketing such as his blog which will speed up the process. I wish I could take credit for what a nice guy he is, but I think his parents deserve that.

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3 thoughts on “The Art of Transparency

  1. David Airey

    Your ‘go read his post’ link isn’t working.

    I did however take a look at his website. Some superb photos! I dabble in photography from time to time but my real passion is graphic design.

    Happy new year Dave.


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