Thanks Fast Company!

fastcompanyWow! FC reads my blog! Thanks Heath. Can I call you Heath? This is exciting…I’d better call my wife and my kids. Can I frame this?

If you want one of these videos on YOUR blog, give Rex Williams a call. You’ll find his number at Wizard of Ads. Tell him Dave sent you, and Michele, oh and Heath too.

Dave Young of Branding Blog follows in the footsteps of Michele Miller, whose Brand Called You-style video really struck a chord with me. How so? Why, with his own self-branding video produced to promote his audio book Why We Blog. Miller herself even makes a cameo appearance.

Now, come on, people! Wizard Academy Press seems to have the lock on this fun approach to promoting not just books and projects — but the people behind them. This is effective, personal, positive stuff. I received a copy of Dave’s audio book ages ago. Now, having seen the video and gotten a better sense of who he is and what he does than I’ve been able to from his text-based blog, I’m much more apt to pop it in the ol’ PowerBook and take it for a spin.

If FC Now readers can offer examples of similar work video, I’d love to see more.

Fast Company Now: Home Run Movies II

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