Talk to The Dog in the Language of The Dog

…About What’s Important to The Dog

That’s a Roy H. Williams phrase from a lesson on branding. It’s a reference to Pavlov’s experiments with dog salivation. The point is that if Pavlov had used anything besides meat paste, it would have been a lesson in how to annoy a dog instead of how to get it to react.

I wrote about some of the writing on the Duluth Trading Company’s web site about 7 years ago. As I was making the switch to WordPress, I’ve been revisiting a few of my old posts to make sure links work, etc.

I clicked over and found these videos on the Duluth site, and they talk to the Dog (guys who wear work clothes) in the language of The Dog (crouch without the ouch) about what’s important to The Dog (ballroom). Brilliant.

First, here’s a radio spot where they are thinking up the concept…

Next, the video on the web site for the same product…

More Duluth Trading videos….

Finally…how to hug a plumber.


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