Roy's Bizarre Theory of Books

[editor’s note: If you want to experience a great writing teacher, be sure to follow the bread crumbs at the end of today’s memo.]

When one of my business partners, Michele Miller, mentioned that she’d just read a good book about writing called Bird by Bird, I quietly found the title at and clicked the button that would rocket a copy toward me. The book arrived just as I sat down to write this memo.

Now I’ll subject Bird by Bird to my secret, bizarre method of measuring Literary Worthiness:

Open a page at random and quickly read a short paragraph. Do this two more times, then Decide whether or not to actually read the book.

My theory is that any book worth reading should be able to capture your interest in at least one of those three random paragraphs. Give me a minute. I’ll be right back.

Okay, I’m done…. Continue reading Roy’s Bizarre Theory of Books…

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