2 thoughts on “Pencil Twirling

  1. Dan T.

    I like the commercial but couldn’t agree more with your original blog entry. I call it “creative for creative sake”. Wiz bang do-dads might be cool the first time, but the name of the game is to keep clients and potential customers coming back to your website because you deliver great content and add value to their lives or businesses. People get tired of all the “cool” pretty quickly.

  2. Yury Rush

    Greetings – wanted to see the video but it looks like it was deleted. suggestions?

    Btw – I cannot twirl either. Honestly i don’t think it impairs me in any way either. I can assure you if i was tasked with help people navigate a buying process it would have nothing in the way. I would impress the visitor with the wonderful – fantastic (subliminal messaging goes here) necessary product and how well the BUY button would be placed.

    Also – i think a single “good” testimonial is worth 200 twirlers 🙂


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