Overheard in Cabela's Restroom

Ws7I’m washing my hands this morning after a visit to the restroom at Cabela’s. Two guys come in and head to the urinals…here is the part of the conversation I heard:

“…he’s an interesting guy…been hunting with Cheney…born and raised in New York….”

4 thoughts on “Overheard in Cabela's Restroom

  1. Dave Young

    I don’t know Greg. Seems that hunting with Cheney just might be the new badge of courage. It seemed to be how these guys were measuring up this third fellow. Of course, just a few weeks ago, it would have a different meaning. The context of hunting with Cheney is forever changed by an unfortunate accident. Jeez, I’m thinking about this too hard now and the humor is draining fast. What the hell, still no moral.


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