No Corporate Steak at Emil-Lenes

Jay1Ok, I don’t normally do restaurant reviews here, but when I was in Denver for a session with a client, he suggested we all go to Emil-Lene’s Sirloin House.

I’d never heard of it. It was great. Kind of reminds me of Dude’s here in Sidney.

Emil-Lenes is inconveniently located on a back-road along the tracks, closer to the new airport than to the mountains or to downtown Denver.

I’m glad we went there. This picture sums it up nicely. There’s no menu. No pretense. You get appetizers (salad and spaghetti…yes spaghetti). The only thing we didn’t get was the boot on the table. I got to use the giant pepper-grinder. The steak was super. The place looks exactly like the picture. Exactly.

Is there a marketing lesson here? Yes. Be so damn good at what you do that people will gladly tell other people about you.  In our Wizard World, we call it Personal Experience Factor.

2 thoughts on “No Corporate Steak at Emil-Lenes

  1. Michele

    WOW, I thought I was the only person in Sidney who has been there. It was recommended to us by the hotel staff. It was one of the best steak houses I have ever been to, seemed way off of the beaten path, but worth finding. I have a picture of the giant pepper grinder also.


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