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When a Customer Asks “How Much?”
By Roy H. Williams

Generally speaking, it’s best to establish the value of a thing before you name its price. But when a customer asks, “How much?” they want to hear a number. To precede that number with a probing question or a qualifying statement is always a mistake. Honor your customer and earn their trust by giving them a price, then without taking a breath, qualify the price you just gave them. In other words, answer the question as asked. To do anything else will make you seem evasive. Consider the following telephone inquiry to an old-school mobile home salesman:

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3 thoughts on “Monday Morning Memo

  1. Tammi

    This is exactly what I tell my retail sales associates and the new hires in my training classes. Don’t bring price up, but don’t shy away from the question when they ask.

    Facing it head-on and honestly will only put the customer at ease. Plus, if you’ve asked the right questions and actually listened to the customer when they answer you will have them in a price range fairly close to what they want anyway!

    Great piece!!!


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