Monday Morning Memo: The Value of Misfits


By Roy H. Williams

Next week I’m going to write about The Future of Advertising, I promise. (I’m aware that many of you endure my odd wanderings into the Forest of Contemplation only because you know that I will sooner or later return to deliver a valuable insight into advertising – the subject for which I am known.) Thank you for your patience with me. But alas, today is another of those days when I take you for a walk into the fog behind my eyes…

Do you remember the guy that used to pop up at sporting events holding a sign that said “John 3:16”? The rumor in those days was that his efforts were being funded by a millionaire who wanted to arouse our curiosity enough to cause us to dig into our Bibles to figure out what was going on. A beautiful story; it just wasn’t true.

The real tale of our rainbow-wigged buddy began in……Continue reading at

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