MMMemo: For Sale: FREE TIME

[Note from Dave: Roy’s advice at the end of this memo is to find something that scares the hell out of you…and do it. I’ve started a list. I’m not a list kind of guy. Number 1 on the list is "sharing this list with everybody". Number 2 is finding 100 small businesses by the end of the year that don’t want me to do a Persuasion Architecture®  project for them. Why would I want to find 100 businesses that don’t want to spend money with me? Because in that search, I’ll very likely screw up and find a few that want and need to increase their conversion rates by multiples. In fact, probably enough to meet a few of our financial goals and dreams. I’d better get to work! Julie, get ready to quit your day job.]


By Roy H. Williams

Do you want more free time? Then you must buy it. Free time is never free.

There are only four ways you can buy free time:

1. Work fewer hours. Learn to say no. You’ll have more free time immediately.
Cost: Lost opportunities, reduced income.

2. Develop systems, methods and procedures that save time.
Cost: Time and money spent in developing those systems, methods and procedures.

3. Recruit, hire, train and manage other people to do your work for you.
Cost: Time and money spent in recruiting, hiring, training and managing.

I heartily recommend these three methods. But I recommend against number four:

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