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Smartest Guatemalan in AustinMy good friend Juan Guillermo Tornoe was recently quoted in an Associated Press story about the marketing frenzy surrounding the World Cup. A nice kudo for JG and recognition of his expertise in the field of Hispanic Marketing.

Too bad that AP writer Joseph B. Frazier messed up JG’s name and city. It always makes me wonder if the reporter got any of the big facts straight. Did he really talk to Nike, or was it Home Depot? Was it really soccer or did he confuse it with the Baseball World Series?

All the links can be found at JG’s blog – Hispanic Trending.

Here’s something to think about regarding the power of the blogosphere. The next time Joseph B. Frazier, Associated Press writer, googles his own name, this post will be in the results because I’ve now mentioned his name and occupation a couple of times. Certainly a small nibble at his reputation, but it won’t just go away like it could in the old days.

3 thoughts on “Just Facts

  1. Mark True

    While I’m not a regular at public relations, my work on behalf of clients has required more than a couple encounters with newspaper writers. In in the vast majority of cases, they get about 50 percent of the story correct. I’m not talking about ignoring my spin or my quotes…I’m talking about completely botching names and facts. One newsletter covering my buisiness – when I was on the client side – offered up three corrections regarding a story about us in three consecutive issues!

    Do they not listen, or do they not care?

  2. Shimon Sandler

    Ha! I just Googled: “Joseph B. Frazier, Associated Press writer”.
    The BrandingBlog was in the 8th position on the 1st page of the search results. Well done Dave. 🙂

  3. Mike

    Well, Joseph B. Frazier is up to his lack of proofreading and screwing up facts again….

    He just wrote an article about “Hot Lake Springs: Restoring an old hotel ” claiming that “Healthier folks, such as Wild Bill Hickok and his Wild West Show, came through, too, and for decades so did the well-shod from around the world, often on the three trains a day that stopped there.”

    It’s Buffalo Bill Cody, not Hickok. grrr…..stupid is as stupid does, and this guy clearly has a history of not bothering to check his facts. This is journalistic laziness at it’s worst! Thank-god he doesn’t report on anything of substance, otherwise god only knows the ramifications if his laziness…


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