Is Your Store Smiling?

As a postscript to Monday's post on Sniffing for Market Share, it occurred to me that one more thing you could do when you evaluate the look (sight) of your business is to watch for smiles.

That's right…smiles.

Rolexsmile Rolex has always required dealers to display their watches with the hands showing 10:10 because it looks like a smiling face.

The current TV ad for American Express drives it home as well. The first half of the ad is a bunch of everyday shots that we interpret as unhappy faces. The second half is full of smiles.

Can you make your storefront smile? Are any of you competitors smiling brighter than you?

Want to see more? Check out the Faces in Places Facebook page, this search on Flickr, or just do your own search.

2 thoughts on “Is Your Store Smiling?

  1. Tom Wanek

    Love the American Express ad, Dave.

    It reminds me of Scott McCloud’s observation that we see ourselves in everything and assign identities and emotions where none exist.

    Very powerful stuff, thanks for sharing!

  2. web development

    thanks for the post.Did not know this fact about Rolex.The video is very brought a smile on my face too 🙂


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