How Not to Win Customer Loyalty

Ok, so Cingular broke their promise. What about their cool logo? What about their signage? Their ads? Ah, the customer experience doesn’t live up to the customer expectation. They not only should have honored this woman’s policy, they should have systems in place to make a BIG DEAL out of it. The effort should be to exceed customer expectations.

business2blog: How Not to Win Customer Loyalty

3 thoughts on “How Not to Win Customer Loyalty

  1. Todd

    Cingular has company-owned stores and franchises (that look and act like company stores). Had she gone to a “real” Cingular company-owned store, they probably would have honored the insurance (at least that was my experience). Nevertheless, once she got there, she would have encountered what I call the “cingular rub.” Their new gimmick is that before they will replace the lost or stolen phone, they require the customer to have a police report. No report, no new phone. Once I jumped through all their hoops, they offered to waive the $50 deductible if I would re-up for two more years of Cingular service. What do you guess my answer was?

  2. Don

    I can’t agree more regarding Cingular’s customer service, or lack of. I had purchased their insurance for over two years at $2.99 without any incident before I cancelled. Of course Murphy’s Law was waiting for such action to take place before causing me to lose my phone on a trip through Bostn.

    I’ve been a customer since 1999 and you would think such customer loyalty would be rewarded, considering I averge $130 per month. Alas, Cingular is unyielding in offering any discounts, even when I am willing to sign on for another two years.

    I think it’s about time to move on as clearly there is no such thing as company loyalty to their customers.


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