How Strong is Your Brand?

I’ve been busy in the background getting ready to re-launch BrandingBlog with a distinct focus on small business. Today, my good friend and colleague, Craig Arthur sent a classic Roy Williams piece as part of his brilliant Wizard Chronicles email. (You really should subscribe.)

In essence, I’m building a year’s worth of content around this paragraph.

Branding is much more than name recognition, a color scheme, a logo and a slogan. Brand essence is the complex mental image summoned by a name, even when that name is heard only silently in the mind. (Unlike a mere visual image, a mental image is a complex composite of sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, opinion and mood.) Brand essence is everything a brand stands for in the heart of the customer.

What does your brand stand for in the heart of your customer?

Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “How Strong is Your Brand?

  1. ID Dept

    In my view in essence all communication that you do as a company is branding/marketing communication and should be handled as such.


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