Buy on-line, Pick-up at the store

My friends at Cabela’s probably already know about this, but just in case they don’t…

Come to think of it, any retailer could do this. If you’re a local retailer, start blogging about your merchandise and have an email link so your blog readers can send in their orders and you can have them ready to pick up.

REI’s hunch paid off. “One out of every three people who buy something online will spend an additional USD90 in the store when they come to pick something up,” says Joan Broughton, REI‘s vice president of multichannel programmes. That tendency translates into a healthy 1 per cent increase in store sales.

Computerworld Malaysia – Vol. 14 Issue No. 8, 7 June – 7 July 2004 –

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  1. Richard

    Nike has recently placed touchscreen kiosks in its Niketown stores that allow the customization of shoes, bags and watches. This innovation is actually attracting traffic and generating in store sales. The new Planar product has allowed Nike to bring its online Nike ID application to the retail floor. There is an article in Brandweek on the Planar DS15.


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