BrandingBlog Radio: Using Rituals to Generate Word of Mouth

In this episode, Craig Arthur and I discuss how businesses can use ritual to make their customers feel like “insiders” which will make them more apt to talk about the business to others. This is a form of kinetic Word of Mouth.

At the beginning of the podcast, we discuss Sarah Ripley’s article “Where DIDN’T you hear about us?” from the Wizard Chronicles.

I love riffing with Craig. This conversation is a great example of why I’m podcasting. I’ve had many dozens of calls like this over the years with Craig. We finally got smart enough to record them. Enjoy.

3 thoughts on “BrandingBlog Radio: Using Rituals to Generate Word of Mouth

  1. Sarah Ripley

    G’day! Excellent Aussie language being used in this podcast… Craig you may have to start charging for Aus-lingual classes…
    Something which I didn’t touch on in my article but you both have gone in depth with which is so true and brilliant – product life cycle influences. Most people don’t remember what they had for breakfast in the morning – so expecting them to remember something which is so insignificant to themselves, (although in stark contrast to what the business owner may think), is pretty far-fetched.
    I hope more business owners will start putting their time and efforts into more worthwhile marketing activities 🙂
    Great podcast!


    P.S This one is for you Dave – “Me, Mazza and Shazza went cruisin’ to Maccas listening to Akka Dakka”

  2. Regine Wilber

    Hello! I only recently discovered your podcasts and have been listening from episode 1 of “Season 2” pretty much every spare minute – loving every bit!

    I did have to chuckle about this episode’s mention of rituals used by brands such as Starbucks. Chuckle simply because the English seem to be eccentric enough once again to break out of the apparent global submission to the language of ‘tall, grande, venti’.

    I remember the confusion and dismay when this was introduced years ago, but since then I often wonder why they haven’t given up on it since nobody every seems to utter those words but instead refers to the good old traditional ‘small, medium, large’. It may be just a local phenomenon but it does make me smile every time the barrista takes the order and then translates it to their colleague into the official language – having long given up explaining to us commoners the correct phrases.
    But then again, we like milk in our tea…

    Great podcast, with some brilliant insights into human nature and our need to relate, to be tribal, to belong and our innate urge to be on the ‘inside’…

    PS> I agree that silver seems more ‘special’ then blue – but perhaps that was their plan…

  3. Dave Young Post author

    Thank you so much, Regine! I appreciate your kind words. Let me know if there are any specific topics you want to hear about.


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